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问题#1: How long have you been in internet marketing, What kind of marketing do you do? What kind of marketing are you “testing” now, how much of you are income comes from marketing? Is it a part time thing, or a full time thing?

答案: I’ve been in marketing for 2 years now, and typically I promote real world products. (I sell stuff for ebay partner network, commission junction, etc.. Physical products). I drive traffic with pay per click campaigns, and keep)customers coming back by building communities around my sites (forums). I market part time, about 2-3 hours a night, and it makes up roughly a quarter of my income each month.

问题#2: Do you have any examples of campaigns you’ve ran in the past, or are running right now?

答案: Well I do, but I’ve had ebay steal a couple of converting campaigns right out from under my nose before. So I kind of keep my campaigns to myself.

问题#3: How much do you spend on advertising?

答案: I spend around $100-$300 a day on advertising. It really depends how many campaigns Im running, but unless I get a really good conversion rate (around 4/10 or more) I tend to let them crawl along on a smaller budget.

问题#4: How do you plan to promote our offers?

答案: Well, I’ve had great success selling physical products to the folks in my mailing lists, So I thought Id try a few of you are trial offers out and see how that goes.

问题#5: What vertical/category/kind of offer you want to promote, or have promoted in the past?

答案: Anything that converts, I’ve done gaming, freebies, health, ringtones, email submit, etc.

问题#6: Do you offer incentives?

答案: NO

问题#7: Do you work with other network, which ones?

答案: YES, CJ, ClickBank, Neverblue etc

问题#8: How did you hear about us?

答案: My friend told me, but he doesn’t work with you.

问题#9: How many uniques a month do you get?

答案: 50000-100000

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